Thank you from your winner, Sofia

First of all a huge thank you to all the students who participated, you made this event brilliant! If someone had told me in the beginning that it would be like this, I would have not believed it. It was truly a roller-coaster, with questions coming over and over, one after the other, and each one better than the previous! You really made me crack my brain and think of things that I had not thought before: “Can we grow plants in our stomachs?”, “Why do we laugh?”; it was beyond great! As scientists we spend our time looking for answers, but we are so engaged in our topic that often we forget to ask questions about the rest, and you guys just brought it all back!

I had a great time and I am totally sold to doing it again 🙂 I still cannot believe that I won (no idea how that happened! — my fellow scientists were really awesome!)! I hope to use the prize for some engagement events and organizing some Science Days in schools would be great! Loads of students asked for it during the chats and I think it is a great idea! I also need to give credit to the organization and the teachers, they were the ones putting together the event and they did awesome (really an example to follow!).

It was great chatting with you guys and I sincerely hope we can do it again 🙂 maybe as fellow scientists one day? Wish you all the best and hope that science is now a bit closer to your hearts and that scientists are no longer those strange creatures that live hidden away from the world, surrounded by crazy experiments. You guys have been outstanding and I hope you keep up asking hard questions about everything and go discover the world 🙂 this is what makes life interesting!

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